Photo by Catherine Nance

Me? I thought you'd never ask.

I'm a New York City-based freelance writer who has written across most media for two decades+. Print, on-air, consumer, trade, online, out-of-home, experiential. Headlines, taglines, titles, treatments, concepts, scripts. For networks, newspapers, magazines, movies, start-ups, agencies. Most recently, I worked with NBCUniversal's Content Innovation Agency, on the rebranding of TV Land and CNN, and for several Comedy Central properties. I'm a member of New York Women in Film and TV, co-executive producer of the GLAAD Media Award-nominated Sundance docu-series Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, co-author of A Mother Loss Workbook, as well as co-writer and co-star of Cat Eisenberg, Dog Eisenberg, an original Web series commissioned by LOGO.

I was a writer/producer in Comedy Central's On-air Creative Department before the "credit squeeze," wrote dozens of scripts promoting HBO's multichannel expansion mania, and have continued working with the onslaught of OD and HDOD and SVOD and OTT. Indeed, I've been around before we started losing ltrs in words, and EBAA (Everything Became an Acronym). 

When I'm not writing or ideating for clients, or trying to raise an exemplary pit bull, or calling 311, I'm hard at work trying to place a half-dozen personal projects I would love to tell you about. I take my work seriously, but I like to have fun.